Maya Paint Effects Plants

Decided to study plant shaders in maya and to know how to manipulate freely using mia_X passes in maya.  I did this study because of the guardian project I started working on and to decide the plant that would be used in the scene. I decided to make a library for future use using the Gnomon studies as guide this is my volume 1 of creating plant shaders study. 

Quick Tips :  Volume 1 

Maya Paint Plant Mesh 
convert from Paint Effects to Polygons
(SKY) Create physical Sun and sky
Replace Mia_exposure_simple attributes with mia_exposure_photographic (Physical Sun) 
Adjust photographic lens for general exposure
Fstop 9.0 / RGB unit conversions : 0.318 / Film Iso >/< 
(Material ) Replace plant mesh from blinn to Mia_X
 Add gamma 
 Use reverse node> Luminance> OutColor
Adjust Glossiness, BRDF, Thin wall(leaf) Solid (Stalk), Turn on AO, Translucency
Duplicate shading groups if wanted, rename for new material and assign materials 
change path of leave texture or stalk 
(Render) Adaptive L2, Mitchell, Raytracing 2,10,20
reflections 2 , Refractions 2, Max Depth 4