Art Evaluation for Digital compositing

Happy 2015 ! My first post for the month on here, First of all let me say thank you for reading my college blog. Feel free to comment on anything and ask me questions as well as emails. 

Well todays post I am taking my art test for composting which was for the month but I happened to complete it some few days later after is was assigned. Meaning i get to work on other projects for the month. Project was to clean all moving objects from a moving day time street shot. 

Process involves : Tracking in Syntheyes, Exporting into maya and creating objects to project on, clean plating from photoshop, scene set up and re projecting plate in Nuke. 

This is how low the video conversion could go from a 3k video of 800 mb. I couldn't upload on vimeo soo I had to do a lot of conversions. 

Sorry for the low resolution quality.