Month of November

I been occupied with a lot of random projects this month, Keeping up with my post on here has been a little hard. Anyway so what have i been working on? This month was all about Visual Effects again, yes! lol and Compositing :). I also dedicated my sundays to take nature walks along with some buddies of mine which i will introduce later. We basically work on photography, which means more pictures in the taking. I cant say much on WIP on these projects but yeah this is a part of what i worked on.. 

Compositing - Syntheyes Tracking, and bringing all together in nuke. Involves  Placing background, texturing , lighting , Render passes , and Troubleshooting.

Finals for Compositing - 

Houdini Flip Viscosity

Houdini particles - Yeeahhhhhhhh it break at the end but ! u get the point.