Set Building and Green screen comp

Integrating a green screen footage in to a set. WIP 1. Done in Nuke. 

Alleyway| JJW

I take no ownership to this photo. I found it under which is licensed under creative commons Attribution-NonCommercial. Thank you Jason.

Hello Month of September

Had some time to get this to the final version since I need to jump  and learn some more.. My Buddy Frank from manic animation worked on a quick animation for it.

Just a quick render of something I have been working on.

Took a video of basement and as I found this cyborg rig online I thought to animate
just a frame to post on here. 
WIP1. Yes my rubics cube is my vfx cube for scene track and alignment. :) 

Working with C4D projectionman

Quick exercise I did to train myself on how projectionman in cinema4d works. Its a really easy interface and always on point. I find it challenging when BMP textures created by default somehow disassociates it self and I have to relink the materials. 

Still Image was from Dirk kipper  city landscape.. 

Maya Paint Effects Plants

Decided to study plant shaders in maya and to know how to manipulate freely using mia_X passes in maya.  I did this study because of the guardian project I started working on and to decide the plant that would be used in the scene. I decided to make a library for future use using the Gnomon studies as guide this is my volume 1 of creating plant shaders study. 

Quick Tips :  Volume 1 

Maya Paint Plant Mesh 
convert from Paint Effects to Polygons
(SKY) Create physical Sun and sky
Replace Mia_exposure_simple attributes with mia_exposure_photographic (Physical Sun) 
Adjust photographic lens for general exposure
Fstop 9.0 / RGB unit conversions : 0.318 / Film Iso >/< 
(Material ) Replace plant mesh from blinn to Mia_X
 Add gamma 
 Use reverse node> Luminance> OutColor
Adjust Glossiness, BRDF, Thin wall(leaf) Solid (Stalk), Turn on AO, Translucency
Duplicate shading groups if wanted, rename for new material and assign materials 
change path of leave texture or stalk 
(Render) Adaptive L2, Mitchell, Raytracing 2,10,20
reflections 2 , Refractions 2, Max Depth 4 

Dune Concept

Been having some free time lately,  and because of that I started working on a new concept. I'm hoping to finish this within the next two weeks due to the fact that I have been working on other projects for film student in school. 


Original concept art by Dorothy Hwee (great concept artist from Singapore) 


Month of April

Continuing assets from earlier this year is my PCC2 project for my reel. The Project involves removing props and assets from a set ( clean plating) to CG integration. The option was to take everyone out and replace new items in it. This would strengthen my ability to explore more ways of compositing. I worked from Photoshop - Maya - Syntheyes, Nuke, Stock footage and alot of research. 

 I take no ownership to the modeling and Texturing of this awesome Tank.  Free Obj can be downloaded from here

 I take no ownership to the modeling and Texturing of this awesome Tank.  Free Obj can be downloaded from here

Fully rendered bash

Original Plate

Month of March

As I am heading towards the end of my stay here in Fullsail, I realized I have acquired alot in this little head of mine  than what I used to, and its hard to keep up with all of them as I loose along the way. I hope to implement everything I have come across either from instructors to friends to individual motivators.

Well for this month, It simply about refinery and making the real moving shot of what our style frames where about. In this case, these are the milestones of what i been working on. 

Milestone 1



And a beautiful Nuke Script

Month of February

Few more months to graduation, and I will be presenting my demo reel. As it is in progress right now, I just want to show what i have been working on. Well Basically, this month I had to produce rough to finish style frames of projects I want to finish for my demo reel. 

This is what I been working on : Rotoscoping project 
Portfolio Content Creation I 

Idea - 20 sec sketch 

Idea - 20 sec sketch 

Original Footage  Video Source: Video Block

Original Footage 
Video Source: Video Block

Rough Dev to Finalize style Frame

Portfolio Content Creation II

Theme : Military Worn

Roughing out

Roughing out

Original scene frame  video source : Tuscany

Original scene frame 
video source : Tuscany

Modeled : Maya (Bash)

Modeled : Maya (Bash)

Clean Plating

Development Frame Projection

Development Frame Projection

Maya Building

Syntheyes Tracking and MatchMoving

Portfolio Content Creation III
Based on Tukkers ( Old Observatory )

Physical Render for Occlusion 

Physical Render for Occlusion 

Base Material Rendered from MAYA

Base Material Rendered from MAYA

Development look II. bringing together adding rocks

Development look II. bringing together adding rocks

Development look II. bringing together adding rocks

UV checker board for projection Test

Camera angle I.

Chosen camera II.  angle with stand in projection

Art Evaluation for Digital compositing

Happy 2015 ! My first post for the month on here, First of all let me say thank you for reading my college blog. Feel free to comment on anything and ask me questions as well as emails. 

Well todays post I am taking my art test for composting which was for the month but I happened to complete it some few days later after is was assigned. Meaning i get to work on other projects for the month. Project was to clean all moving objects from a moving day time street shot. 

Process involves : Tracking in Syntheyes, Exporting into maya and creating objects to project on, clean plating from photoshop, scene set up and re projecting plate in Nuke. 

This is how low the video conversion could go from a 3k video of 800 mb. I couldn't upload on vimeo soo I had to do a lot of conversions. 

Sorry for the low resolution quality.

December Break Exercises

Before winter break I decided to gather some a few friends to help me shoot a compositing project. Well so far this is the work in Progress. There are two scenes, This is the first which is to turn a room into an office theme and the second I haven't started yet. 

 Hit (HD) for good quality 

Shot with 5D MIII 

Process involves - 3D Tracking & Pano Stitching (Nuke) Soo far


Also working on 3D extension from a great matte painter friend Leon Tukker who allowed me to use one of his works. I hope I get to finish this piece before my art finals.

Month Of December

Happy Holidays,  Beginning this month I was worried about my APR (Animation PRoduction) class reasons because I have never been too confident with my animation. Will this class allow me to express my animation takes ? Yes even tho I still had to follow the twelve principles. What this class was about? 

Its about making a short animated movie whereby everyone in the class is given two parts of the animation to build and develop for the entire month and then later stitch them all together.  I had i cool group as usual and this was my result at the end of my animation. Feat. Mr&Mrs Bugsy


Month of November

I been occupied with a lot of random projects this month, Keeping up with my post on here has been a little hard. Anyway so what have i been working on? This month was all about Visual Effects again, yes! lol and Compositing :). I also dedicated my sundays to take nature walks along with some buddies of mine which i will introduce later. We basically work on photography, which means more pictures in the taking. I cant say much on WIP on these projects but yeah this is a part of what i worked on.. 

Compositing - Syntheyes Tracking, and bringing all together in nuke. Involves  Placing background, texturing , lighting , Render passes , and Troubleshooting.

Finals for Compositing - 

Houdini Flip Viscosity

Houdini particles - Yeeahhhhhhhh it break at the end but ! u get the point. 

Character Animation 2

I have been blogging all about modeling, but honestly i have been taking animation as a major on the side. Worked with bugsy, a character made fully rigged with with mouth controls ready for lip syncing. I'm not much of a character animation kid, Its a great course to learn but it takes a while to get things going as smooth as you want them to be.  Below is the finished work even thoe there are a lot of flaws, I would still consider much self a lot more even time to adapt to making it more fluid and better

Procedural Process for Free throw in houdini

I have been looking up to working on video tutorials for a while until we were asked to make a step process for adding dynamics to objects in houdini.

First video is how i modeled the basket ball in XSI and how to place text on it.

Process of Project involves :  Modeling, Shrink wrap, Setting up folder structure, importing into Houdini , Re sizing in Houdini, Adding Dynamics, Trouble shooting, Dynamic solvers